Rich menu with approximately 200 dishes, and more than 10 new dailydishes of the day. The ingredients using at HARUNA are mostly imported from Japan, especially MENTAIKO from FUKUOKA (KYUSHU). METAIKO mixed with HARUNA CHAN fresh seafood is the most famous dish in HARUNA’s menu which is ordered by almost all the guests. (Would you like to try our HARUNA CHAN?). There are also many other dishes with MENTAIKO like MENTAI SASAMI AGE, MENTAI TAMAGO, etc. Another popular dishes elected by many customers is chicken hotpot which is often seen on the table. There is a small hotpot for 1 or 2! SET LUNCH with more than 20 SETS including Fresh Seafood (Sushi – Sashimi), Fried Chicken, Curry Rice, or Seared Minced Beef, etc. is only from100.000VND ~ 160.000VND. Free coffee and dessert when ordering SET LUNCH.